Dracula – R.M.Renfield

Helena Stringer - SLetFlix - Dracula - R.M.Renfield

Dracula is a series I have enjoyed since it came out. It is slow to start, so it wasn’t as raved about as some series are. It’s well written, and ties in many interesting aspect to the story line, being in a more modern setting than the original Dracula novel.

One of my fav characters is R.M.Renfield. The actor that plays him uses what is written for him, and creates the perfect character to fit along side his master. You sometime just sit there, and wonder how he gets away with saying what he does, to Dracula, without getting completely drained of blood, haha.

Learn more about the series HERE and HERE. Sadly NBC canceled the series, but it is still worth it to watch the first season.


Hairbase – [PXL] by Hart Larsson – Male Hair Razored Tattoo
Skin – Deesses by NatalieWells Resident – Stacy Skin in Coffee Tone/Black Eyebrows
Eyes – Al Vulo by Hlin Bluebird – Anemone Brown Eyes
Lashes – La Sylphide by Stephanie Misfit – Basic Lashes
Suit – A:S:S by Photos Nikolaidis – Mason Suit in Grey(Unisex Options in package)
Gloves – Gabriel by Takuya Jinn – Studded Gloves
Hat – Tesla by Tesla Miles – Bowler Hat
Earrings – Lazuri by Zuri Lyric – Classic Pearls Drop Earrings(Click to Colour Change Pearls/Metals)
Pipe – Moq Design by BadToBone Vendetta – Tobacco Pipe

Pose – Kirin by Carolina Sautereau– Mika Pose 3


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